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Holi Tour

2 Days Holi Tour Plan

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  • Day 1, Friday, Holika Dahan at Dwarkadhish Temple Dola and Mathura Vishram Ghat:

    On arrival at Mathura Railway Station, transfer to Mathura Hotel, where you will check-in. Holika Dahan is an important event celebrated with great enthusiasm and excitement that heralds the arrival of Holi. It involves the burning of an effigy on a pyre to symbolize the marking of the victory of good over evil. The ritual originates from the Hindu legend where Hiranyakashyap, an evil king, tried to kill his son Prahlad for his steadfast devotion toward Lord Vishnu. He sought Holika's help, who had been granted a boon that made her fireproof and commanded her to take Prahlad in her lap and sit in fire. However, as soon as Holika entered the flame, she burnt down, and Prahlad emerged unscathed - this is why today we observe this ceremony in reverence for goodness and justice. During Holika Dahan, families are reunited around festive bonfires to sing hymns, worship, and enhance their spiritual connection. It truly serves as an apt reminder to us all that if righteousness prevails, even the worst demons can be destroyed.

  • Day 2, Dhulandi Holi: Abir Gulal Holi & Dwarkadheesh Tesu Flowers

    Holi Dhulandi - This is the time of the year when everyone gets together at the mystical land of Braj and indulges in a symphony of colors. Holi connects and brings joy and happiness by spreading smiles all around. The vibrant shades of red, green, blue, pink, and purple fill the air to remind us that it's Holi time again! As people greet each other with 'Abir' or 'Gulal', they get into moods that bring out their inner child. Add to this the loud crescendos of 'Happy Holi' chants surging through the streets along with Tolis (group) in high spirits; one can easily make out why Braj Holi is celebrated enthusiastically all over the world! Join us for this extravaganza as we honor this beautiful tradition and be part of something extraordinary.

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  • Meals that follow the itinerary
  • Lodging in a nice hotel
  • For the services above, tolls, parking, and all relevant taxes
  • Transfers and sightseeing excursions are provided by private cabs.
  • Pickup, drop-off, and sightseeing in an AC cab to the hotel, bus stop, airport, or railway station.
  • In hotels, a mattress or a rollaway bed must be given for an additional adult or child.
  • Room categories in all packages are the base category rooms unless stated otherwise.
  • Cabs are on a personal disposal basis. A cab will be provided as per the schedule of the itinerary.


  • Guide Services
  • Any train or plane fare
  • Entry tickets at temples and sites.
  • Food and drinks available in the room.

Important Note:
  • ● The prices shown above depend on availability.
  • ● Cancellation fees by company policy.
  • ● Transfers and sightseeing trips in an AC car in accordance with the itinerary
  • ● Transfers for arrival and departure and tourist excursions will be offered on time.
  • ● For early and quick chick-in and delayed check-out, the tourist is responsible for paying directly.
  • ● To prevent confusion, the passenger should receive a thorough explanation of the tour from Global Tour Travels before or after the booking.
  • ● Final confirmation at the suggested hotels depends on availability at the time of booking; otherwise, a hotel of a comparable caliber will be offered.
  • ● Please check the ideal buffet timings when you check into the hotel. Once the buffet period has been over, the hotel will request payment for your meals.

Payments and Confirmation:
  • ● All bank fees must be paid by you.
  • ● 30% of the total will be due at the time of booking. The remaining balance is due after checking into the hotel.
  • ● A confirmation tour voucher will be generated once the booking and payment procedures have been completed.