6 Days | 5 Nights
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Holi Tour

6 Days Holi Celebration

Detail Itinerary

  • Day1 Nandgaon Holi: Lathmar Holi in Nand Bhawan

    Visiting Nandgaon is a spiritual experience that can't be missed when in Uttar Pradesh. This is where Lord Krishna was taken care of by his foster parents, and it is often said that His presence is still felt in the village. The religious history of Nandgaon gives it immense cultural significance to Hindus, making it one of the holiest places to visit. Every Krishna devotee makes sure to pay their respects during their lifetime. Witnessing the Holi festival celebrations in Nandgaon will be unlike any other experienced — people from far away congregate, participating in unique singing and dancing. Everyone creates a distinct sound that can be identified by the way they place the backs of their palms on their mouths. After lunch in Mathura, your journey will end, and you will board your train toward your next destination, full of beautiful memories from this fantastic place.

  • Day2 Mathura - Vrindavan Holi:

    Special Event at Krishna Temple and Phoolwalon Ki Holi Bankey Bihari Temple & Rangbharni Holi Vrindavan - The people of Vrindavan come alive on Rangbharni Ekadashi as they flock to the beautiful Banke Bihari Temple to celebrate and pay homage to Lord Krishna. With their vibrant clothes and playful splashes of color, the joyous crowd creates an ambiance that is nothing short of magical. Its participants are seen blissfully singing devotional songs and sharing sweets, genuinely reflecting a spiritual atmosphere combined with festive delight. People of all ages hope for a glimpse of the iconic deity at this massive temple, enjoying each other's company in abundance and laughter. The energy surrounding this time is genuinely inexplicable; it is a chance for devotees of Vrindavan to appreciate and express their adoration unforgettably.

    Mathura Mathura is widely celebrated for its grand Holi celebration at the Krishna Janmabhoomi Temple, the birthplace of Shri Krishna. Devotees flock to Mathura worldwide to pay respects to Radhaji and Shri Krishna and play Holi together. The festive spirit is also enhanced by the traditional Lathmaar Holi game, where women take out their bamboo sticks and put up a friendly fight against the men! A cultural program accompanies this grand celebration, bringing shimmering colors across the town's sky. At Shri Dwarka Dhish Temple, too, Holi is celebrated memorably. With such fantastic revelry, Mathura is one place that you must visit if you want to experience the sheer joy and eternal happiness!

  • Day3 Gokul Holi: Gokul Holi and Raman Reti Visit

    Day three of Gokul Holi is a special one! After having breakfast and getting ready, visitors are taken to exquisite sites: the Dauji Temple and Gokul Temple. It is here that visitors partake in exciting holiday celebrations.

  • Day4 Same Day Agra

    Travelers prepare for their transfer to Agra. Here they visit many historical monuments like the Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, and Sheesh Mahal, all symbolic of India's eternal beauty. A visit to these places promises a unique holidaying experience for every traveler - a lifetime of memories made in just one day!

  • Day5 Holika Dahan ( Holi Fire): Dwarkadhish Temple Dola and Mathura Vishram Ghat

    Holika Dahan, a traditional ritual of the Holi festival celebrated with great enthusiasm, is symbolic of the victory of good over evil. The story behind this beautiful ritual goes back to Hiranya Kashyap and his son Prahlad s faith in Lord Vishnu. In an attempt to teach his son a lesson, Hiranya Kashyap asked his sister Holika, who was blessed with immunity to fire, to take Prahlad onto her lap and sit in it. But what happened instead was that Holika got burnt while Prahlad emerged unscathed! On this day, people from Mathura and the entire Braj Bhoomi region come together at places like the Dwarkadhish Temple Dola and Mathura Vishram Ghat for prayers and special celebrations to honor this occasion. This ritual thus celebrates, joyfully, how goodness eventually triumphs over evil!

  • Day6 Saturday Dhulandi Holi: Dwarkadheesh Tesu Flowers / Abir Gulal Holi and Colorful Water Holi in Brij

    On the 6th day of Saturday, also known as Dhulandi Holi, an annual spring festival of great enthusiasm and excitement. People in the Braj area celebrate eagerly with whole spirit and vigor by throwing 'Dwarkadheesh Tesu Flowers & also called ;Abir Gulal Holi, colorful water holi, and various other activities. There are no distinctions of age or caste, as everyone celebrates this festival together. People can be seen throwing and splashing colors on each other joyfully, along with singing and dancing to melodious songs in the streets. The captivating atmosphere of laughter and smiles makes this a truly memorable experience for all who participate. Truly, Holi is one of the most popular festivals that not only brings people together but also keeps alive the vibrant culture of Brij.

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