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Mathura Holi Dates 2023 & Events

01/3/2023, Wednesday Barsana Phool Maar & Laddu Holi in Sriji Temple

👉Holi in Barsana is celebrated with much enthusiasm and fervor. The highlight of the celebrations is the Laddu Holi where groups of men, women, and children gather in large numbers to play with color. The Shriji Temple in Barsana is a site of grand celebration as thousands of devotees gather to sing, dance, and throw Laddus (sweet balls) at one another. The colors used come from nature, flowers being the most common source. As people enjoy their revelry, they also remember how Shri Krishna showered Radhaji with colorful flowers during their Holi celebrations in Vrindavan. In addition to all the amusement, something more meaningful is at play here. People remember that colors made from nature must be kept safe, indubitably conveying a message of harmlessness throughout India. Year after year, this festival grows more popular, and it's no surprise given its spirited atmosphere filled with joy, devotion, and positive messages!

02/3/2023 Thursday Barsana Lathmar Holi ( Main Holi Barsana )

👉The unique Brajwasis exemplify their rejoicing in their festivals with complete joy and zeal. One such celebrated festival is the Lathmar Holi, which is a fun ritual game and signifies women's empowerment. The story behind this religious process of celebrating the festival has strong roots in ancient mythology, which preaches respect for women. A lesson taken from Shri Krishna’s Leela, during Holi, women get to express their power freely but entertainingly and enjoyably! Ladies from Barsana chase away men from Nandgaon with bamboo sticks (lath) as an act of defense. Suppose one truly wishes to experience what an Indian festival looks like. In that case, Lathmar Holi is a complete package - being religious, culturally enthusiastic, and most importantly, enjoying individually or as part of the group! Don't miss out, so be a part and feel blessed once you witness the culture of India in its best form ever!

3/3/2023, Friday Nandgaon Lathmar Holi :

👉Nandgaon is roaring with excitement in preparation for Lathmar Holi. After Barsana sets a precedent, everyone in town is anticipating what the Nandgaon women will do next in the age-old gender battle. When the Barsana boys come to town bearing their colors, the women defend themselves with bamboo sticks and turn the tribute into a big celebration with showers of color, sweets, and merriment. All are welcome to enjoy this fun and playful tradition - imagine a picturesque landscape where brightly-hued people play among friends while laughing and scattering assorted items. Don't miss out on such a lively event; join us next year in Nandgaon!

4/3/ 2023 Saturday Widows' Holi

👉Today you can be a part of the unique Widows' Holi celebration in Vrindavan, India, which has been gaining popularity over the years. The widows of Vrindavan have built a community at Pagal Baba ashram, dedicating their lives to spirituality and devotion to god. Until recently, these ladies were prohibited from joining the colorful Holi festivities. However, over the last few years, they have been granted the freedom to celebrate Holi with colors. It is an inspiring experience, and attendees are welcome to donate to this noble cause if they wish to join in on this meaningful event; head over to Gopinath temple around noon and participate in this monumental day with them!

5/3/ 2023, Sunday Vrindavan / Mathura Holi Celebration in Banke Bihari Temple (Rangbharni Ekadashi)

👉The festive mood of Rangbharni Ekadashi fills the hallways and rooftops of the Banke Bihari temple in Vrindavan. A sight to see for the ages, devotees and locals alike come together to celebrate this great day honoring Shri Krishna. Hues of vibrant colors dance in the air as people spray each other with gulal', a red-colored powder used to express joy and emotion on special occasions. With lively music, singing and dancing, laughter fills the air; it symbolizes deep love, brotherhood, and pure happiness among those gathered. True to its name, Rangbharni Ekadashi's celebration paints a vivid memory in one's mind—a journey of unity that will never be forgotten.

Mathura Holi at Krishna Janmabhoomi ( Birthplace of Lord Krishna) The celebrations of Holi in Mathura are renowned all over the world. The annual event of Holi held at the magnificent Krishna Janmabhoomi Temple is something not to be missed, where thousands of devotees gather to pay their respects to Shri Krishna and Radhaji and immerse themselves in traditional customs like ‘Lathmar’ Holi. Women take up bamboo sticks and playfully attack men while colors fly around in the air creating a magical atmosphere. Along with this grand celebration, cultural activities such as music and dance performances add to the joyful spirit. If you’re visiting Mathura, attend this soul-filling Holi at Shri Dwarkadhish Temple for an experience that will stay with you for a long time!

6/3/2023 Monday Bharatpur

After breakfast at hotel head towards Bhartpur bird sanctuary, Loha garh fort, City palace. Evening back to hotel for next day holi celebration.

7/3/ 2023, Tuesday Holika Dahan ( Holi Fire)

👉Holika Dahan is a critical tradition that marks the start of Holi, the Hindu festival of colors. The legend is that evil-minded Holika was sent by her brother Hiranya Kashyap to take Prahlad, his son, in her lap and sit in a fire. Holika was sure she would not get burned as she had a particular boon against fire. Against all odds, Prahlad was saved while Holika got burned. This occurrence celebrates the victory of good over evil; thus, people rejoice by burning a pyre on Holi eve every year to commemorate it. Mathura and Braj Bhoomi are incredibly vibrant with celebrations as they come alive with family reunions, worshiping, and spreading the joy of love and brotherhood. Participating in Holika Dahan is truly an exhilarating experience!

8/3/2023, Wednesday Dhulandi Holi (Colorful Water Holi in Brij)

👉Holi Dhulandi marks an airborne rainbow in the Braj area with colors of joy, love, and brotherhood. Red, Green, Blue, Pink, and Purple temporarily tint the skies as people of all ages enthusiastically throw 'Abir' and 'Gulal' at each other while they dance with mischievous glee to the Holi songs. Laughter is heard from near and afar as this colorful festival knows no boundaries or discrimination on any level; it simply brings a light-hearted jovial atmosphere to everyone participating in its festivity. Imagine yourself being lost amidst such a kaleidoscope of colors singing cheerfully amongst others. It’s for good reason that the Braj Holi has become quite famous worldwide! So why not be a part of these joyous celebrations and bring some of them home
Afternoon around 2 pm head towards Delhi airport drop for your onward journey.